At Precision Ski, we reward our most loyal customers. We encourage you to introduce your friends, family and colleagues by helping you give them a 5% discount on their first order.


Precision Ski Fidelity

To participate in our fidelity program, it is very simple, you have nothing to do! When you reserve your ski equipment online, your points automatically accumulate on your fidelity grid.

For 1€ spent on Precisionski-rent.com à 1 point is added on your grid.

As soon as you earn 500 points, you get an extra 5% off on your ski rentals. You can choose to use this discount directly on your next order, or, if you prefer, you can wait for your points to accumulate giving you even lower prices.

With 1000 points, you get an extra 10% off on your reservations, 2000 points is equal to an extra 20% off and so on.

If you want to get even more points while making the most of your surroundings, sponsor your contacts by inviting them to reserve their equipment on precisionski-rent.com.


Share your tips Precision Ski Rent!

If you are already a Precision Ski Rent customer, you can sponsor your friends. You just have to send them an invitation, by email, Facebook or Twitter, which includes your sponsorship code.

Thanks to you, your entourage will benefit from an extra 5% off on their first order, using the unique link, inserted in your invitation. On your side, the reservations made by your friends will allow you to earn points on your FIDELITY GRID.

For 1€ spent by your friends à 1 point is added on your grid.

Watch out, only people who have never registered their email on precisionski-rent.com can be sponsored.

To be able to identify the friends having used their sponsorship, they must imperatively reserve via the link of your invitation. Otherwise, the points will not be added to your grid.