Winter holidays are here, and you've decided to hit the ski slopes. If you're a beginner and feeling a bit nervous about tackling those descents, don't worry! Book ski lessons with a certified instructor and discover all our tips to gain confidence right from your first turns!

Choosing the Right Ski Equipment

Just like in any sport, selecting the right equipment is crucial for having fun while staying safe. Your ski gear should match your skill level, profile, and preferences. For beginners, we recommend easy-to-handle, reliable, and fast-progressing piste skis. Our "Initiation Range" is perfect for this profile, featuring lightweight and reassuring skis. With these forgiving skis, you'll ski with confidence, making turns and skidding effortlessly.

Starting Out in Skiing

There's a specific position to adopt when you're on your skis. Firstly, proper knee flexion is essential to maintain leg flexibility and improve control on the slopes. Additionally, leaning forward is vital for balance and power. In each turn, make sure to put pressure on the outside ski to maintain speed and stability.

Ski Techniques

Thanks to our advice and your ski lessons, you'll learn some essential ski techniques for your safety. First and foremost, you'll master braking. This helps you manage your speed, come to a quick stop in emergencies, and feel more comfortable on the slopes. From skidding to snowplow turns, you'll learn how to slow down and boost your confidence.

On the ski slopes, you'll be required to perform ski turns. To do this, simply shift your body weight from the inner ski to the outer ski. Starting with the snowplow method, face the slope and make a beautiful turn.

In summary, your ski position and choosing the right gear according to your skiing profile are essential. For a safe start, every ski resort has a beginner area where the terrain is ideal for learning various techniques. Most importantly, learning to brake is crucial!

Rent Your Skis Online - It's Easy!

Find all our ski rental shops online and reserve your ski equipment now. This way, you'll benefit from favorable rates and prepare for your ski holiday with peace of mind. Upon your arrival in the resort, your gear will be waiting in the shop, fully prepared and waxed! Our advisors are ready to assist you in selecting the equipment that best suits your needs.