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Welcome to Precision Ski Le Manoir, your premier destination for ski rental in Arc 1950. Situated at the heart of the prestigious Les Arcs resort, our ski shop offers a unique experience for ski enthusiasts seeking performance and exclusivity.

Why Rent Skis in Arc 1950?

Arc 1950, known for its diverse slopes and breathtaking landscapes, is the perfect place to enjoy an exceptional ski holiday. Precision Ski Le Manoir simplifies your experience by offering high-end ski rentals, thus guaranteeing unforgettable moments on the slopes.

Introducing Your Precision Ski Rent Store

Nestled in the picturesque village of Arc 1950, known for its charm and luxury, stands Le Manoir, a haven for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. This store, a symbol of elegance and quality, is your gateway to an exceptional skiing experience. Located at the entrance of the 5-star Residence, the Radisson Blue Resort - Manoir de Savoie, our namesake ski rental shop, Le Manoir, is ideally situated on the snow front of the lower part of the Arcs 1950 village.

A cozy and luxurious boutique, the shop offers, besides ski and snowboard rentals, sales. Our partner brands Parajumpers, Bogner, and Kask are featured in a selection of high-end technical clothing, as well as chic and sporty accessories (helmets, gloves, hats, etc.)!

Contact and Store Details

Our team, made up of experienced and passionate professionals, is the beating heart of Le Manoir. Each member brings their unique expertise, ensuring personalized advice and superior quality service. Do not hesitate to contact us before your stay by email or by phone at +33 (0)4 79 41 96 31. We will be happy to guide and advise you on ski packages, as well as our in-store premium services and resort activities.

High-Quality Ski Equipment

Precision Ski stands out as an undisputed specialist in major ski and snowboard brands. At Le Manoir, we are proud to offer a meticulous selection of high-end equipment, meeting the expectations of the most demanding skiers and snowboarders.

Premium Services in Ski Shop

At Precision Ski Le Manoir, we understand that the excellence of your ski holiday is not limited to the quality of the rented equipment. That's why we offer a range of premium services designed to maximize your comfort and enjoyment on the slopes. Offering premium services is essential for us because it means providing an unparalleled customer experience, where every detail is thought out to facilitate and enrich your stay in Arc 1950.

Fast Pass

One of our most appreciated services is the Fast Pass. This exclusive service allows you to benefit from priority access when collecting your ski equipment, eliminating waiting in the store. Perfect for those who want to maximize their time on the slopes, the Fast Pass is the ideal solution to start your stay in Arc 1950 without delay.


Our storage service is also at your disposal, offering you the possibility to leave your ski equipment securely in our shop at the end of the day. This option is particularly appreciated by our customers because it eliminates the need to transport heavy and bulky equipment to and from your accommodation every day. Moreover, it ensures that your gear remains in perfect condition, ready for your next descent.

By introducing services like the Fast Pass and storage, Precision Ski Le Manoir offers a complete experience that makes every aspect of your ski holiday as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

A Wide Range of Ski Equipment for Rent

Our Ski and Snowboard Ranges

At Le Manoir, diversity is our strength. From alpine skis to freestyle snowboards, our comprehensive range will satisfy all levels, from beginner to expert. Each piece of equipment is chosen for its performance and adaptability to various snow conditions. Whether for sale or rent, our team of professionals will be at your disposal to advise you on the best equipment for you.

Safety and performance are our priorities. Our qualified skimen ensure that each piece of equipment is rigorously checked and maintained. By renting from Le Manoir Arc 1950, you are guaranteed reliable equipment ready to take on the slopes.

Packs for Every Level

At Precision Ski Le Manoir, we know that each skier and snowboarder has different needs and objectives when they hit the slopes of Arc 1950. That's why we have designed ski and snowboard rental packs specifically adapted to every skill level, ensuring that all our clients have the ideal equipment for their level and ambitions.

  • For beginner skiers: we offer equipment designed to facilitate learning and ensure safety. Skis and snowboards for beginners are selected for their stability and ease of maneuver, helping newcomers gain confidence and skills on the slopes smoothly;
  • For intermediate skiers: our intermediate packs are ideal for those who wish to improve their technique and explore more of the ski area. These pieces of equipment offer a good balance between comfort and performance, allowing skiers and snowboarders to progress while enjoying their descents;
  • For expert skiers: advanced skiers and snowboarders will find in our expert packs high-end equipment designed for performance and precision. These skis and snowboards offer excellent response and are suited to a variety of conditions and terrains, from groomed pistes to demanding off-piste.

By choosing Precision Ski Le Manoir for your ski rental in Arc 1950, you benefit not only from top-choice equipment suited to your level but also from the advice of our passionate experts, ready to guide you in choosing the most suitable material for your needs. Our goal is to ensure that every descent is an unforgettable experience, regardless of your experience or aspirations on the slopes.

Why Choose Precision Ski Le Manoir?

Being part of the Precision Ski network is a guarantee of quality and trust. This extensive network allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation and offer you the best deals and services available on the market.

Advantages of Online Ski Rentals

The Choice of the #1 Ski Rental at The Arcs

Online rental with Precision Ski means a hassle-free experience. Book from home and benefit from advantageous rates, great flexibility, and your equipment prepared before your arrival.

Le Manoir at Arc 1950 is not just a simple ski rental shop in Arc 1950; it's the start of your adventure on the slopes. We invite you to live this unique experience, where passion, expertise, and quality meet to make your stay unforgettable. Visit us or book online today for an exceptional ski getaway.

The Best Price, The Best Deals

We are committed to offering you the best rates and exclusive deals for your online ski rental.

Rent Your Skis Easily and Quickly

Our website allows you to book your equipment in a few clicks, guaranteeing time savings and peace of mind upon arrival.

Your Winter Stay in Les Arcs

Your winter adventure is not limited to skiing on the slopes; it extends to the overall experience offered by the Les Arcs resort, a place where the magic of winter comes to life before your eyes. Among the four villages that make up the resort, Arc 1950 stands out for its unique charm and exceptional atmosphere.

During your stay in Arc 1950, you will discover a place where everything is within reach. The residences offer direct access to the slopes, allowing you to maximize your time on the snow. After a day of skiing, the village invites relaxation: spas, swimming pools, and wellness areas are at your disposal for a well-deserved relaxation moment.

Do not wait any longer and book your ski equipment online. You will enjoy our best offers, as well as a considerable time-saving upon your arrival at the store. Find online the list of our Les Arcs ski rental stores.