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Ski Hire in Val Cenis Lanslebourg

Welcome to Val Cenis Lanslebourg, a paradise for mountain, ski and snowboard lovers. If you are looking to organize a quality ski rental, you are in the right place. From beautiful ski slopes to local cultural activities and ski equipment rentals, discover the wonders of Val Cenis Lanslebourg.

Ski Republic Sports Vanoise - Lanslevillard and Ski Republic César Sports - Lanslebourg will welcome you to their Savoie premises.

Ski and ski equipment rental

Choose the quality

To make the most of your days on the slopes, it is essential to rent high-quality ski equipment. In Val Cenis Lanslebourg, we offer a wide selection of skis, snowboards, shoes and accessories, all carefully maintained to ensure an exceptional skiing experience. We take the quality of our equipment to heart, because we know that it is essential for your safety and fun on the slopes. The quality of our material is a top priority, and our team strives to keep every piece in perfect condition. We understand that the right equipment makes a huge difference in your skiing or snowboarding experience.

The advice of our experts

Our ski professionals are here to help you choose the equipment that best suits your level and preferences. You can count on their expertise to provide you with expert advice and personalized adjustments. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our qualified teams will answer all your questions and help you find the ideal equipment. Their in-depth knowledge of ski and snowboard equipment, as well as resort conditions, guarantees you a hassle-free rental experience.

Book online

Save time by booking your ski equipment online. You can go directly to our store in Val Cenis Lanslebourg and avoid queues. Simplicity and convenience are at the heart of our ski rental service. When you book online, you can also specify your special preferences and needs, which will facilitate the preparation of your equipment. Our online booking system is user-friendly, allowing you to choose your material, select options such as size and model, and pay securely. Once there, our team will warmly welcome you and provide you with the reserved equipment.

Save with our special offers

We regularly offer special offers to allow you to enjoy substantial savings. Stay tuned for our promotions to make the most of your ski rental in Val Cenis Lanslebourg. Special offers often include all-inclusive packages, group discounts, and many other benefits to make your stay even more affordable. We understand that the costs of a day of skiing or snowboarding can add up, which is why we offer special discounts to make your experience more accessible. In addition, our offers vary throughout the season, so you can come back often to find the best offer.

The ski resort

An idyllic setting

Val Cenis Lanslebourg is nestled in the heart of the French Alps, offering an idyllic setting for mountain lovers. The surrounding mountains, including the Vanoise massif, offer breathtaking panoramas. The snow-capped peaks and alpine landscapes make this resort a real gem. Take the time to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, whether you are on the slopes or just relaxing in an outdoor cafe. The surrounding mountains offer a spectacular 360 degree view, offering a picture-postcard landscape wherever you look. Photography enthusiasts will find many opportunities to capture unforgettable moments.

Sporting activities

The resort is the ideal starting point for a multitude of outdoor activities. From downhill skiing to snowshoeing to snowboarding, there is something for all tastes and levels. Cross-country skiers will also appreciate the many kilometres of well-maintained pistes. Modern ski lifts facilitate access to the most remote areas, allowing you to discover unique landscapes and explore new horizons. In winter, night skiing is an unforgettable experience that allows you to hit the slopes under the stars. The diversity of sports activities in Val Cenis Lanslebourg ensures that every day can be a different adventure. Families, friends and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of options to explore the mountain at their own pace.

Cultural activities

Outside the slopes, Val Cenis Lanslebourg is full of cultural activities. Explore the local mountain heritage by visiting the Maison Penchée Museum, a fascinating museum that traces the history of the region, from agriculture to the construction of fortifications. Discover traditional crafts in local workshops, where you can buy unique craft souvenirs. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the Savoyard cuisine in the picturesque restaurants of the village. Local specialities such as fondue and tartiflette will delight your taste buds. Cultural activities in Val Cenis Lanslebourg allow you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the mountain, giving you a deeper perspective of the area you are exploring.

The access to the station

Val Cenis Lanslebourg is easily accessible by car from several major cities in France. The nearest airports are Chambéry and Lyon. Once there, you can move easily thanks to the free shuttles and the ski lifts. The transport network is well organized, allowing you to move effortlessly from your accommodation to the slopes. 
The shuttles take you to different areas of the resort, facilitating your exploration of the region. The roads leading to Val Cenis Lanslebourg are well maintained and offer panoramic mountain views, adding to the excitement of your journey to the resort.

The ski area

The ski slopes

The Val Cenis Lanslebourg ski area offers a variety of slopes suitable for all levels. From beginners to experienced skiers, everyone will find slopes that match their skill level. Ski touring fans will also find plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area. The slopes are carefully maintained to ensure an optimal sliding experience, and snow cannons are used to ensure ideal snow conditions throughout the season. Qualified ski instructors are available to help you improve your skills and gain confidence on the slopes. The ski slopes of Val Cenis Lanslebourg cover a vast area, ranging from gentle and wide slopes to more technical slopes for experienced skiers. Cross-country skiers will also appreciate the marked trails that wind through forests and picturesque valleys.

The surrounding mountains

The ski area is surrounded by iconic Alpine mountains, such as Dent Parrachée and Pointe de l'Échelle. These majestic peaks offer an incomparable backdrop for your adventures on the slopes. The natural scenery is breathtaking, and photography enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to capture unforgettable moments. The surrounding mountains also offer winter hiking opportunities, for those who wish to explore nature more closely. The surrounding mountains are a permanent sight, offering panoramic views that will leave you speechless. Whether you are on the slopes or just strolling through the village, the surrounding mountains create a striking background at every moment.

Tourist attractions

Be sure to visit emblematic places in the region such as Lac du Mont-Cenis, Fort Victor-Emmanuel and the picturesque villages around. Mont-Cenis Lake is an alpine gem, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Fort Victor-Emmanuel is a fascinating historical site that tells the history of the region. Picturesque villages such as Lanslebourg and Termignon are charming places to explore, with their narrow streets and traditional stone houses. These tourist destinations add a cultural and historical dimension to your stay in Val Cenis Lanslebourg. The tourist points of the region offer a captivating insight into the historical and cultural richness of the mountain. From traditional architecture to historic sites, each place tells a unique story.

The future of skiing

Val Cenis Lanslebourg is also committed to preserving the natural beauty of the region and promoting sustainable tourism. Take advantage of the many green initiatives that make this resort an example to follow. From recycling programs to energy savings, the station strives to reduce its impact on the environment. By supporting these initiatives, you help preserve this beautiful environment for future generations. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the heart of Val Cenis Lanslebourg’s commitment. The continuous efforts to minimize the impact of the resort on the surrounding nature make this place an environmentally friendly destination.

In conclusion, Val Cenis Lanslebourg is much more than just a ski resort. It is a complete destination, offering an exceptional experience both on and off the slopes. For quality ski hire, unforgettable activities and a breathtaking natural setting, look no further. Join us in Val Cenis Lanslebourg, and discover the magic of the mountain. Remember that our ski hire shops are here to serve you and equip you for memorable days on the slopes. We look forward to welcoming you to Val Cenis Lanslebourg. Make the most of your stay in this magnificent ski resort, where adventure and relaxation await you at every corner.

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