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In the Aure valley, in the heart of the Pyrenees, lies the magnificent resort of Saint-Lary Soulan, which will blow you away with the uniqueness of its villages and its first-rate ski area.

The Saint-Lary Soulan ski area

Made up of three villages, the Saint-Lary ski area has plenty of surprises in store for you thanks to the different 'climates' present in each of the villages.

The first village, Saint-Lary 1700 (also known as Pla d'Adet) is considered to be the historic part. In ski terms, the village is best seen as a beginners' or family area, with numerous facilities such as sledging areas and snow games.

Next comes the village of Saint-Lary 1900, also known as Espiaube, which is more of a transitional area to access the villages upstream.

And finally, crossing the ridge, you'll discover the village of Saint-Lary 2400, which offers a wide choice of slopes as well as breathtaking views of the Pyrenees.

Getting to Saint-Lary Soulan

If you want to get to the resort for the season, there's nothing better than following the Saint-Lary Soulan website.