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The ski rental in Orcières

Welcome to Orcières Merlette, a true paradise for ski and snowboard lovers. This resort nestled in the heart of the Alps offers an unforgettable winter experience.
For your ski hire in Orcières Merlette 1850, it is our ski shop in Orcières Merlette 1850 Ski Republic Bernard Sport that will welcome you in its premises in the Southern Alps. 

How to come to Orcières?

Road access

To reach Orcières Merlette by car, take the well-maintained roads that lead to the heart of the Alps. From Gap, follow the clear road signs to the station. Be sure to check the weather and road conditions before you leave to ensure a safe trip.

Public transport

If you prefer public transport, regular bus connections are available from Gap. The nearest train stations are Marseille, Valence and Grenoble, offering a convenient option for train travelers. Plan your itinerary according to your preferred mode of transport for a hassle-free arrival at Orcières Merlette.

Flight to the Alps

Travelers from far away can also opt for a flight to the nearest airports, such as Marseille Provence and Grenoble Isère. From the airport, shuttle and car rental services are available to take you directly to Orcières Merlette.

Easy parking

Once arrived, the station offers convenient parking solutions for visitors. Well-located car parks offer easy access to the resort’s main facilities, ensuring a smooth transition from your trip to the long-awaited ski experience.

Ski and ski equipment rental in Orcières Merlette

Equipment adapted to all levels

The rental of skis in Orcières Merlette is the assurance of having the latest equipment, adapted to all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our stores offer a varied selection to guarantee an optimal glide.

Snowboard experts

Snowboard enthusiasts will also find their happiness. Our specialized teams will advise you on the choice of the ideal equipment to hit the slopes safely.

Personalized services

Beyond the rental, our services include the personalized adjustment of the material, thus ensuring comfort and performance. Take advantage of the expertise of our professionals to live an exceptional sliding experience.

Book online, glide with confidence

Make your arrival easier by booking your equipment online. Save time and maximize your fun on the slopes.

Orcières Merlette, an exceptional mountain destination

A charming village

Orcières Merlette is more than just a ski resort. Its picturesque village offers a warm atmosphere, with its traditional chalets and lively alleys.

Sporting activities

For thrill seekers, the resort offers a multitude of sports activities, from alpine skiing to snowboarding and snowmobiling. Ski enthusiasts will be delighted by the diversity of the slopes.

Lively cultural life

Immerse yourself in the local cultural life by exploring craft shops, art galleries and participating in cultural events held throughout the season.

Mountain gastronomy

Do not miss the opportunity to discover mountain gastronomy. The local restaurants offer delicious and authentic cuisine, perfect to recharge your batteries after a day on the slopes.

The ski area of Orcières Merlette

The Orcières Merlette ski area offers kilometres of slopes for all levels. Discover breathtaking landscapes while descending various descents. With a peak at 2,725 m, the Orcières Merlette ski area plunges you into a true haven of nature and open spaces.
Bathed in light, this large playground perfectly combines snow and sun for a holiday at the top. Thanks to these 100 km of mostly blue and red slopes, the resort will satisfy you whatever your current level of skiing. The ski area offers fun slopes and areas for family fun. The Opoualand track and its many attractions and modules will delight young and old alike. Just like the Waouland slope, this 100% sliding area has a ski cross, jumps and natural obstacles! 
Finally, the snowpark of Orcières nestled at 2300 meters above sea level extends over nearly 16,000 m². Cool area, music, modules and rails await you to try new tricks! True eldorado of ski touring, Orcières is surrounded by peaks and offers an incredible terrain for off-piste. 
At the gates of the Ecrins National Park, the resort allows you to explore every corner of the estate and make your own mark on the still pristine snow slopes. Other activities are offered, such as a sled dog ride, a toboggan ride on the Winterparc. You can also try one of the largest ziplines in Europe for an unusual experience! Orcières Morlette is a destination where action, sensation and emotions come together! Finally, cross-country skiing enthusiasts can enjoy the large Nordic area at their disposal. Nearly 17 km of routes and loops at 2300 meters altitude await the most seasoned skiers! Discover this area with the ski rental Orcières and book now in one of our Precision Ski stores in Orcières Merlette. 

The surrounding mountains

Surrounded by the majestic mountains, including [Name of the Mountains], the resort offers breathtaking panoramas. Explore the heights and discover breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Tourist points nearby

Take advantage of your stay to visit emblematic tourist points such as [Name of Tourist Points]. These local gems add a cultural dimension to your mountain experience.

Easy access to the slopes

Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, access to the slopes is easy and fast. The modern ski lifts ensure smooth traffic, allowing skiers to fully enjoy their day.

Orcières Merlette is much more than a ski resort, it is a complete destination where the pleasure of skiing blends harmoniously with the charm of a mountain village. Enjoy every moment in this exceptional setting. Do not forget to go through our ski hire shops for quality equipment, guaranteeing your satisfaction on the slopes. Book now and experience the ultimate winter adventure at Orcières Merlette.

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