The benefits

Precision Ski services


Booking online and in advance is a major plus for the success of your stay. You take the time to select the facilities that suit you best from home. So you can leave with a clear head and make the most of your holiday. When you arrive, everything is already organised. Our shops have prepared your equipment so that it can be used immediately and in the best possible conditions.
precision ski rent - bootfitting


To optimise the comfort of your ski boots, discover our bootfitting services. Our workshops have mastered a number of techniques to ensure that your boots fit you perfectly. Bootfitting consists of eliminating pain and maximising comfort by adjusting the boots to your foot. By thermoforming the liner, it is moulded to fit your foot perfectly. The result is shoes that are completely personalised for you. You'll enjoy incredible comfort while playing your favourite sport.
precision ski rent - entretien ski


Our shops have a workshop where rental skis and snowboards are serviced. You can drop off your equipment after a day's skiing and our teams will take care of it. We also offer on-site sharpening and waxing. Our shops also offer an overnight ski deposit service.
precision ski rent - fast pass


Save time in shop with Fast Pass and get priority access to collect your equipment. No more queuing! With Fast Pass, your ski equipment is waiting for you to enjoy the slopes.