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Welcome to Praloup, a mountain paradise where the love of skiing and snowboarding comes to life. Our ski rental site, nestled in the heart of this exceptional resort, is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience. Let’s explore together the captivating facets of Praloup, from renting ski equipment to exploring the ski area. Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or an enthusiastic novice, discover how Praloup becomes much more than just a ski destination.
For your ski hire in Pra Loup 1600, it is our ski shop in Pra Loup 1600 Precision Ski Verdier Sport that will welcome you in its premises in the Southern Alps.

Ski and ski equipment rental in Praloup

Varied choice of ski hire

Praloup is full of ski hire shops, including ours, offering a variety of options for all levels. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a curious beginner, our wide range of equipment guarantees an unparalleled experience on the slopes.

High quality ski equipment

Explore the latest technology in ski equipment in Praloup. From high-performance skis to comfortable boots, our complete range ensures a day on the slopes with confidence. Discover the pleasure of sliding with quality equipment adapted to your level.

Flexibility offered by the rental

Opting for rental offers valuable flexibility. Avoid the hassle of transporting your own equipment and take the opportunity to test the latest market innovations.

Expert advice for an optimal rental

Maximize your experience by following our expert advice for an optimal ski rental. From the size of the skis to the adjustment of the bindings, every detail counts for a successful day on the slopes of Praloup.

The ski resort of Praloup

Historical presentation of the resort

Let’s dive into the history of Praloup, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a renowned resort. Discover how it has evolved to become an essential meeting place for winter sports enthusiasts.

Sports adventures in all seasons

Explore the varied sports activities offered in Praloup. From downhill skiing to snowshoeing, every season brings its share of adventures. Experience the thrill of snowboarding or discover the tranquil beauty of cross-country skiing.

Cultural wealth in the mountains

Praloup is not limited to winter sports. Soak up the local culture by visiting traditional markets, festivals and art events. Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the mountains.

Epic landscapes of the surrounding mountains

Admire the majestic surrounding mountains, including the Massif des Écrins and the Ubaye Valley. These natural gems add an epic dimension to your stay in Praloup.

The ski area of Praloup

With its kilometres of carefully maintained slopes, the Praloup ski area offers exciting challenges for all skill levels. Explore the different areas, from gentle slopes to dizzying descents, for an adventure that meets all expectations.
Pra Loup 1600 is synonymous with freedom skiing. From committed slopes to beginner areas, from steep slopes to fun areas, everyone will find what they are looking for. And for all winter sports enthusiasts, discover the Espace Lumière, a large ski area connected to the Foux d'Allos resort. A great diversity of terrain and reliefs is offered to you as well as grandiose landscapes and a totally preserved nature. The Pra Loup 1600 snowpark is a true paradise for riders and freestyle enthusiasts. Big air, rails and modules await you to launch new figures and fill up with sensation! In addition, 3 lines of boardercross allow you to race with your family with a succession of turns and obstacles to cross! To make the fun last, the resort of Pra Loup 1600 offers throughout the season a night ski with a lighted ski slope to admire the area under the stars! Other activities are offered, such as a snowshoe ride, a segway ride or dog sledding. Finally, a large Nordic area will immerse you in a natural wonder with 40 km of cross-country ski trails in the heart of the Mercantour National Park. Discover the area and for your ski hire Pra Loup 1600, rent your equipment in our Precision Ski stores in Pra Loup 1600. 

Snow conditions and seasonality

Dive into the details of snow conditions in Praloup. Thanks to its privileged location, the ski area enjoys an extended season, offering winter sports enthusiasts a unique opportunity to hit the slopes in optimal conditions.

Panoramic tracks and routes

Explore the iconic slopes of Praloup, offering breathtaking panoramas of the Southern Alps. From beginners to seasoned skiers, everyone will find routes adapted to their level, guaranteeing a memorable experience on each descent.

Additional services on the slopes

Discover the additional services available on the slopes of Praloup. From quaint restaurants to rest areas, everything is set up to make your day as enjoyable as possible. Enjoy mountain hospitality while exploring the ski area.

Access to Praloup 1600

Roads and public transport

Make your journey to Praloup easier by exploring the different routes and transit options available. From well-connected highways to local shuttles, choose the means that best suits your itinerary and comfort.

Parking and amenities nearby

Discover the parking facilities in Praloup and the amenities nearby. Whether you come by car or public transport, make sure to take advantage of local facilities to make your stay as convenient as possible.

Tips for an easy trip

Follow our tips for a hassle-free trip to Praloup. From route planning to ski equipment management, make sure to maximize your time on the slopes by minimizing logistical hassle.

Cosy atmosphere of Praloup

Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Praloup as soon as you arrive. The mountain welcome combined with the palpable excitement of winter sports creates a unique atmosphere that you will not soon forget.

In summary, Praloup is distinguished not only by its exceptional ski slopes but also by its cultural charm and breathtaking landscapes. During your stay, do not forget to go through our ski hire shops to equip you with the best equipment. Whether you are an enthusiast

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